The feast of the Mother of God Pokrov is celebrated on October 1 in memory of the apparition of the Mother of God in the Blachernae Church in Constantinople. There the dress, the veil and part of the belt of the Mother of God were kept. During the service, Saint Andrew (the Fool-for-Christ, died 956) and his disciple Epiphanius saw the Mother of God walking to the Ambon, supported by Saint John the Baptist and John the Evangelist and accompanied by several saints. She approached the altar, turned to the people, took the veil that enveloped her and spread it over all the people standing in the church. Only Andrew and Epiphanius could see the appearance of the Mother of God, but everyone present felt the grace of her intercession.


On the icon, the Mother of God hovers on a small cloud, holding the veil. The saints on her right are led by John the Theologian, the saints on her left by John the Baptist. Andreas as a Fool-for-Christ (October 2) and his pupil Epiphanius are shown at the bottom right. In a semicircle, the ambon, in the middle of the church stands a young man, Romanos the Melodist (October 1). He is a famous hymnographer from the 6th or 8th century. Behind the ambon the choir of youths and virgins. The architectural background is the Blachernae Church. As an additional scene, the icon at the bottom right shows how the Mother of God appears to Saint Romanos in his sleep and hands over a roll of parchment to eat. The next day he sings in the service with a beautiful voice and becomes the most important poet of the church services.


Left: from top to bottom and left to right:

  1. Saint Matrona, Abbess of of Constantinople (November 9)
  2. Saint Martyr Agrippina of Rome (June 23)
  3. Saint Martyr Eudokia of Heliopolis (March 1)
  4. Saint Maron (February 14)
  5. Saint Theodosius of Pechora, monk in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (September 2)
  6. Saint Anthony of Pechora, monk in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (September 2)
  7. Saint Sabas, the Sanctified (December 5)
  8. Saint Hieromartyr Charalambos, Bishop of Magnesia (February 10)
  9. Saint John Chrysostom, Patriarch of Constantinople (September 14)
  10. Saint Gregory the Theologian, Archbishop of Constantinople (January 25)
  11. Saint Basil the Great, Archbishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia (January 1)
  12. Saint Prophet Zechariah (February 8)
  13. Saint Prophet Elia/Elijah (July 20)
  14. Saint Prophet Moses, leader of the people of Israel (September 4)
  15. Saint David, King of Israel (Sunday after Christmas)
  16. Saint Prophet John the Precursor and Baptist (June 24)

Right: from top to bottom and left to right:

  1. Saint Martyr Catherine of Alexandria (November 25)
  2. Saint Martyr Paraskeva (March 20)
  3. Saint Great Martyr Barbara (December 4)
  4. Saint Great Martyr George the Victorious (April 23)
  5. Saint Great Martyr Demetrius of Thessaloniki (October 26)
  6. Saint Martyr Floros (August 18)
  7. Saint Marry Lavros (August 18)
  8. Saint Peter, Metropolitan of Moscow (October 5)
  9. Saint Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow (October 5)
  10. Saint Jonas, Metropolitan of Moscow (October 5)
  11. Saint Philip, Metropolitan of Moscow (October 5)
  12. Saint Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian (May 8)
  13. Saint Apostle Peter (June 29)
  14. 14. Saint Paul the Apostle (June 29)
  15. Saint Hieromartyr Blaise, Bishop of Sebaste (February 11)

All dates according to the Julian calendar.


At the top in Church Slavonic script: "Icon Pokrov of our Most Holy Lady and Theotokos"


A very beautiful, finely painted icon of museum quality with fine gold painting (Assist) on the robes. In addition a very beautiful, lavishly hand-driven and fire-gilded Silver Riza. Hallmarked and dated: Moscow 1779. Moscow city mark (St. George), test marks (assay master): A•A Andreì Andreev (1771-1779), AOB (unknown master) and the Oklad master C.C Stepan Sawelew or Sawwa Semenow . Purity: 84zol. = 975/1000.

Russian icon | Pokrov | with Silver Riza | 24298

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  • Original antique Russian orthodox icon

    Certificate of authenticity from an independent expert at the Vienna Dorotheum
  • Age

    around 1779
  • Size

    33.5 x 40.5 cm (13.2 x 16.0 in)

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