The Old Testament Trinity (Pentecost) - The hospitality at Abraham is depicted. The story from the book Genesis that Abraham receives a visit from three men, but only speaks to one man. The church fathers saw in this text a preliminary representation of the divine trinity and so this representation became the Pentecostal icon. The three men are represented as angels. Abraham kneels before them. The angels sit at the table under the Terebinth of Mamre.


The righteous Abraham welcomed the visitors with joy. He bowed to the ground before them and asked them to come over so that they could rest and fortify themselves with food. One of the visitors told Abraham that his wife Sarah would have a son within a year. Abraham was 99 and Sarah 89 years old at the time. Sara, who was

standing behind them at the entrance to the tent, didn't believe it and silently laughed within herself. But the visitor, who foretold the birth of a son, saw through her disbelief and said, "Is there anything too hard for God?" The righteous Abraham understood that God himself had visited him in the form of these three visitors.


Above the blessing God the Father.


Poliment plated background.

Russian icon | The Holy Trinity | 24443

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  • Original antique Russian orthodox icon

    Certificate of authenticity from an independent expert at the Vienna Dorotheum
  • Age

    around 1800
  • Size

    18 x 12 cm (7.1 x 4.7 in)

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