Material: bronze/brass/yellow metal (Muntz metal).


The Mother of God is shown with the child on her right arm. It corresponds to the type of Umilenie which was developed in Byzantium in the 11th century. The Mother of God turns lovingly to the child. A special feature of Feodorovskaya is the bare leg of the Christ child. Icon feast day: March 14 and August 16.


On August 16, 1239, the miraculous icon of the Mother of God of Feodor appeared to Prince Vasily of Kostroma during a hunt. The icon derives its name from the church of Saint Theodore Stratelates in Kostroma. In front of the icon of the Mother of God of Feodor, Maria Ivanovna blessed her son Mikhaíl Fyodorovich on March 14, 1613, whereby she consented that he ascends the throne. The Dormition Cathedral Cathedral of the Feodorovsky Monastery is located in the area of Nizhny Novgorod (now Gorky). Among the icons of the cathedral in the Winter Palace of Petersburg was a Mother of God Feodorovskaya, who was highly venerated by the Russian tsars.



  1. Archangel Michael (Nov. 8)
  2. Mother of God
  3. Christ Pantocrator
  4. John the Precursor and Baptist (June 24)
  5. Archangel Gabriel (Nov. 8)
  6. Holy Apostle Peter (Jun 29)
  7. Holy Apostle Paul (Jun 29)
  8. Saint Basil the Great (Jan 1, Jan 30)
  9. Saint Gregorius the Theologian (Jan 25, Jan 30)
  10. Saint John Chysostom (Jan. 30, Nov. 13)
  11. Saint Nicholas of Myra (Dec. 6)
  12. Holy Grandmart. Georg (Apr. 23, May 6)
  13. Holy Grandmart. Demetrios v. Saloniki (Oct. 26)
  14. Saint Venerable Zosima (Apr. 17)
  15. Holy Venerable Sabbatios (Sept. 27)
  16. Holy Guardian Angel
  17. Saint John the Apostle (May 8)
  18. Holy Apostle Andrew (Nov. 30)

With multicolored enamel.


To be seen in: Opdebeeck, Jos – Metalen Ikonen – Blauwdruk van een verzameling, Campinia Media vzw, 1997, ISBN: 90.356.1088, Page: 73

Russian icon | Mother of God of Feodor | Bronze | 24852

SKU: 24852
  • Original antique Russian orthodox icon

    Certificate of authenticity from an independent expert at the Vienna Dorotheum
  • Age

    19th century
  • Size

    14 x 12 cm (5.5 x 4.7 in)

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