The depiction of Christ Pantocrator, the “Almighty“ or "all-powerful"” is considered the archetype of all icons.

Through the Incarnation, Christ himself is the word and the image, the word of inexpressible mysteries and the image of the invisible God. At the Council of Nicea in 325 it was affirmed that Christ is the visible and perfect image of the Father. The image of the Pantocrator becomes a symbol of the iconoclast in the Byzantine Church. John of Damascus, among others, defended the portrayal. In the Western Church there is a similar motif, more

reminiscent of secular rulers, the Majestas Domini ("Glory of the Lord").


The undergarment (chiton) is often red or gold, the overgarment (himation) is usually blue or rarely green (divine colors: red/white/gold, earthly colors: blue/green/brown).


On the icon Christ is shown blessing, with the open Gospel: “Come to me, all of you who are weary and

burdened, and I will give you rest…" (Mt 11:28).


On the left side: Holy Guardian Angel.

On the right side: Saint Apostle Simon the Zealot (May 10), was an apostle of Jesus Christ. The older church tradition sees him as a cousin of Jesus. He received his byname “the Zealot”, meaning “zealous”, probably due to his original membership of the radical Zealot party, which had set itself the

goal of forcibly expelling the Roman occupiers.


Fine painting and beautiful gold painting on the robes (assist). Halo: white metal with gold lacquer.

Russian icon | Christ Pantocrator | 24551

SKU: 24551
  • Original antique Russian orthodox icon

    Certificate of authenticity from an independent expert at the Vienna Dorotheum
  • Age

    19th century
  • Size

    35.5 x 31 cm (10 x 12.2 in)

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