Material: bronze / brass / yellow metal (Muntzmetall).

All four Gospels report that Jesus came to John at the Jordan to be baptized by him. The image motif is found very early in Christian art and is later used in connection with the Festival hymns and baptismal rites unfolded abundantly.


The following picture scheme has developed in icon painting: Jesus stands in the waters of the Jordan while John is baptized. Serving angels stand with scarves in their hands on the bank as witnesses. It is not uncommon to see in the Jordan floods, which are usually shown squeezed into a narrow rock valley, Sea creatures and the Jordan god fleeing or worshiping Christ.

The "Baptism of Christ" is the festival icon for January 6th, one of the oldest Christian festivals. Its origins go back to pagan, but also Christian consecration of the Nile on the occasion of its regular floods December 25th and January 25th and can be followed up to the 2nd / 3rd century. This festival of January 6th was finally called "Theophanie - God apparition". To this day, the focus is still on the under large Participation of the population in the nearest river, water consecration.

With multicolored enamel.

Russian icon | Baptism of Jesus | Theophany | Bronze | 24629

SKU: 24629
  • Original antique Russian orthodox icon

    Certificate of authenticity from an independent expert at the Vienna Dorotheum
  • Age

    19th century
  • Size

    4 x 4 cm
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