Saint Nicholas of Myra - Antique Russian icons

The life of Saint Nicholas has obviously stimulated the imagination of the people very much: around 150 legends tell of his work. Nicholas is said to have come from Patras and lived in Asia Minor in the 4th century. He was ordained a priest by his uncle, a bishop. After the death of his parents, Nikolaus is said to have given away his fortune.

When the bishop died in Myra and there was no agreement on a successor, it was decided to name the person who would be the first to enter the church the next morning. This is said to have been Nicholas, who stopped there after a long journey. In 342 he died of old age in Myra. There his sarcophagus is still venerated by pilgrims today. His bones have since been transferred to Bari. Since that happened on May 9, that day is celebrated, even today.


According to legend, St. Nicholas rescued three pilgrims from distress at sea, healed many sick people, saved warriors from beheading and saved three daughters of a poor man from being sold to the brothel: he threw them three gold balls through the window while they were sleeping . These and many other scenes from his legendary life can be found on the St. Nicholas icons, which are in almost every Russian house. He is asked for help with illness and need. We adore him as a child friend on December 6.