Antique Russian Icons | The Collection

The current collection of the Ikonen Mautner gallery in Vienna consists of roughly 200 Russian icons from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Thoroughly curated to offer pristine Russian and Greek icons of different themes. Ranging from depictions of the Mother of God, Christ Pantocrator, Saint Nicholas, Saint Pantaleon to Saint Michael and Saint George and other themes such as the Annunciation or the Holy Trinity. The gallery also offers an extensive collection of icons from the painting schools of Palekh and Moscow as well as icons with Oklads/Rizas and bronze icons.

With over 60 years of expert knowledge in the field, the Ikonen Mautner gallery guarantees the authenticity of each and every icon offered. Furthermore, each icon is sold with a certificate of authenticity from the icon expert of the prestigious Vienna Dorotheum, the largest auction house in central Europe and one of the oldest and largest auction houses in the world.

Furthermore we offer restorations and appraisals.

Ikonen Mautner | Gottesmutter | Muttergottes
Ikonen Mautner | Christus Pantokrator
Ikonen Mautner | Heiliger Nikolaus
Ikonen Mautner | Heiliger Panteleimon
Ikonen Mautner | Heiliger Michael
Ikonen Mautner | Heiliger Georg
Ikonen Mautner | Oster und die Hochfeste
Ikonen Mautner | sonstige Themen
Ikonen Mautner | Malschule Palech
Ikonen Mautner | Malschule Moskau
Ikonen Mautner | Ikonen mit Oklad
Ikonen Mautner | Bronzeikonen

About us | Ikonen Mautner 

Authentic and rare original Russian icons can be bought in this wonderful and unique store in the city center of Vienna.


​The founder of the company, Mr. Erich Mautner, received export approvals for antique icons in the early 1960s from the Russian government. During the following years Mr. Mautner developed an extensive worldwide icon trade.  Collectors and traders from all over the world came flocking by, to acquire some copies of these rare treasures. Every piece of these splendid icons is examined this day by the icon expert of the Vienna Dorotheum and is provided with a certificate of authenticity.​ The expert describes what is shown and when the icon was painted and with his signature, he confirmed the genuineness. We offer icons of different themes from the  17th,  18th  other  19th  century including The Mother of God,  Saint Michael,  Saint Nicholas,  Saint George,  Saint Panteleimon,  Christ Pantocrator,  Easter and the Festivities as well as bronze icons and other  orthodox crosses.​ Furthermore, we offer icons from famous painting schools such as  Palekh, Suzdal, and Vladimir, where masters and pupils painted together with the most splendid icons of high artistic quality.​ Beyond Russia a bigger number of valuable icons is extremely seldom seen, with the exception of some museums and galleries. In our shop, however, a big number of select icons are on exhibition and can be bought.

We also specialize in shipping the icons worldwide with all necessary documentations. We also buy antique icons, take care of restorations and appraise icons together with experts.

Today the gallery is lead by the  3rd generation.

Ikonen Mautner, Herrengasse 2-4, 1010 Wien, Österreich